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5 Stars Good service and great treatments! Tze-Ching C: Good service and great treatments!

5 Stars  So pleased with care and results, Jim R: I have been going here many years and am so please with their care, my results, and how flexible they are with scheduling. 

5Stars   Fantastic care and service, Adam L: I've been going to Chiropractic Plus for two decades, fantastic care and service.

5Stars Severe neck and back pain helped, Michael V: I’m very happy with my experience at Chiropractic Plus. I had been having severe neck and back pain for months made worse by long hours working from home. Dr. Mike completed a very thorough evaluation and developed a methodical treatment plan. Dr. Mike worked with my insurance and did not pressure me into unnecessary treatments. He also had very strict COVID protocols that made me feel very safe. I highly recommend this practice.

5Stars Help with initial issues and help to prevent recurrence, Joey V: Overall I am very happy with this practice. Great flexibility in hours, the doctors are very good at explaining everything to you, and they are helping me deal with my initial issues while also helping me understand how to prevent it from becoming a recurring issue.

5 Stars Highly recommend, Donna W: I highly recommend Dr. Mike. Over the years he's always given me excellent care with a gently touch. He's a large part of keeping me healthy and active at 73.

5 Stars  Foot and Knee Help, Tina H: Dr. Mike has helped me tremendously with my food issues and knee issues... more than my foot doctor and even more than physical therapy. Great folks!

5 Stars Highly Recommend, Anna W: Dr. Mike is an exceptionally caring and competent chiropractor. He has helped me for months with a bulging neck disk and my condition has greatly improved. He is knowledgeable and holistic in his approach. I highly recommend his services.

5 StarsThorough care, Sofia S: I have gone to a few other chiropractors in the area, but none were as thorough as Mike in helping me evaluate the cause and aggravating factors to my pain. 

5 Stars COVID hygiene meticulous, Melissa B: As far as Covid hygiene, this office is meticulous. I actually moved from another practice that wasn’t taking covid measures seriously enough for me. Highly recommend!

5 stars logoIncredible... Pain free and sleeping well, Chris G: Dr. Mike is incredible. He has helped our family to resolve neck and back issues for the past year. Last February I woke up one morning with a burning pain in my lower neck that no amount of aspirin or rest could resolve. Sleep at night was limited due to the pain. Dr. Mike teamed with me to diagnose the problem and to put a chiropractic plan in place to fix it. Glad to say, I'm now pain free and sleeping well. Thanks Dr. Mike for all you do!

chris g

5 star logoFeeling 1000% Better, Allie F: I have been to a chiropractor before and I was satisfied. When I made the switch to Chiropractic Plus, I was delighted. My previous chiropractor - while well meaning - herded me into one of three rooms like cattle, rushed through the conversation, cracked me in a few places, and sent me off. Dr. Diane Levitt spends a long, luxurious amount of time with me at each visit. We talk about my overall health and how everything fits in to the big picture. She is far more gentle than the other chiropractor I used and I get the same or better results. I'm getting stronger and am probably approaching my release, feeling 1000% better than when I first walked into Chiropractic Plus. Dr. Mike Mroczynski has also been a great resource in dealing with some mysterious allergies. They both seem happy to see me each visit and I have never had a problem processing insurance. I always recommend them to anyone who will listen.

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I feel like a completely different person, Julie B: I have been going to Dr. Mike for about 4 years and he has treated me for several injuries during this time.  I appreciate that he schedules less and less appointments instead of trying to keep me coming back constantly.  Since my initial visit, I have come back any time I am in pain or re-injure myself and many times I have received instant relief. Dr, Mike has been treating me for severe pain in my lower pain for the past three weeks and I am now pain free - I feel like a completely different person with his treatments as well as the exercises that he has recommended. I highly recommend Dr, Mike and Chiropractic Plus to anyone who needs instant or longer term relief, as well as a lifestyle change to prevent further injury. I trust his approach for short or long-term chiropractic assessment and care.

5 start logoNot long before I'm feeling good again!, Peggy R: I've been seeing Dr. Mike at Chiropractic Plus for over 20 years now. I can always count on Dr. Mike to get me back in line to go about the business of life. He has solid/helpful/practical advice without a lot of fanfare which makes it easy to follow. He knows me and how I live because he listens. You can tell he thinks about what would be best because when I come back for a second treatment, he has ideas to build on the advice he gave me for the first treatment. Then it's not long before I am on my way to feeling good again!

Ashleigh B

5 start logoPain-Free and More Mobile Within a Few Visits, Ashleigh B: I've been going to Chiropractic Plus for approx. a decade or so, off and on, for periodic flare-ups stemming from car accident-related injuries, lower-back pain, and for regular tune-ups. My husband also sees Dr. Mike when needed. Obviously we've been very happy with their care. Usually, within a few visits, I'm back in business (pain-free and more mobile). Both Dr. Mike and Dr. Diane are super friendly, professional, informative, gentle, and they even file insurance for you, thankfully. Highly recommend!

5 start logo

Professional and thorough; I'm impressed, David S:From the first call to Chiropractic Plus I have been impressed. The service and care have been both professional and thorough. Dr. Mike Mroczynski takes the time to get to know his patients and pin point the best path forward for chiropractic care. Often times Chiropractors seem to push patients through, get them adjusted and then out the door. Not so with Chiropractic Plus. They have a number of tools at their disposal to aid in the healing process and they use them each visit. For once I felt that I got a great return on the investments I have made there for my body's heath. Thanks Dr. Mike.

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I love this office! Rachael B: After 5 years, I still love coming to this office! They listen to you and give such sound advice and are SO helpful and accommodating. They will fit you in quickly and are always professional. I was referred by my old chiro after she moved to Texas so I was hesitant to switch to another chiropractor, but now I am so glad I did! Get off the fence and give them a call, you'll be glad you did.

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Herniated Disc Improved After Physical Therapy Not Enough, Doesn't Constantly Keep Me Coming Back, Feeling Better Than Before Injury, Chris: Dr. Mike has been great for my back. I started seeing him after herniating a disk and the physical therapy wasn't enough. His regular adjustments really got me back on track. As I started improving, I really appreciated that he scheduled less and less appointments instead of trying to keep me coming back constantly. Since my initial injury, I have come back any time I re-injure myself or just feel out-of-whack. Dr. Mike does a great job assessing the situation and offering advice on how to modify my habits to reduce injury. Per his suggestions, I've made adjustments to my work habitat and completely revamped my workout routine. Now, I feel like I'm in a much better position physically than I was before my initial injury.

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Help After Car Accident, Definitely Recommend, Sayed Y: I was in a car accident and suffered a neck and back injury from a bad rear ending from another car. I needed a chiropractor to recover, and read good things about this office. My chiropractor was very knowledgeable, helped with my recovery process by giving tips at home on what to do periodically, massaged the right area of pain, did manual adjustments on my neck, and although the pain of an accident wasn't a good experience, the trips to this office helped a lot! Does not try to give you additional unnecessary services like some places would just to make more money! Would definitely recommend this place if (God forbid) anything else would happen!

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Instant Relief, Flexible Hours, Danielle S: Dr. Mike has treated me for a few injuries over the last eight years. I highly recommend him and Chiropractic Plus to anyone who needs instant relief, as well as a lifestyle change to prevent further injury. Their hours are also flexible; they have early morning and late afternoon appointments and are open Saturday morning.

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Good Methodology, Trusted Approach, SCH: Been going to Dr. Mike for more than 15 years. Chronic back issues that mostly need a occasional adjustment to get me back in alignment and minimize spasms. Treatment is conservative. When I've had other back and shoulder issues (thanks to falls and other things I shouldn't have done) after a few treatments in a short period (2-3 treatments), I have recover back to "normal." Nothing fancy, no high-tech gizmos. Just good methodology and a flexible attitude about last minute calls. Over the years, he's ordered only one set of x-rays when I had some sort of severe neck spasms and stiffness. Treatments followed and it went away. I have referred other people and would trust his approach for short or long-term chiropractic assessment and care.

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Compassionate Help Found after Urgent Care Referral, Melissa K: I suffered a serious fall on concrete in September of 2017. I went to urgent care, and the doctor advised I see a chiropractor based on the results of my x-rays. After a discouraging visit to a local chiropractic center, I spoke with Dr. Mike by telephone. I explained my situation to him. Between his chiropractic knowledge, as well as the compassion he continually shows, I am so glad I am Dr. Mike's patient at Chiropractic Plus. Lastly, Dr. Mike and Dr. Diane make sure to keep up with all my insurance information, which can be quite confusing. So please consider Chiropractic Plus for all of your chiropractic needs. You will be in wonderful and caring hands. :)

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Constant Hip, Lower Back & Neck Pains Gone, Takes Time & You Are "Not Herded In and Out Like Cattle", Dorothy P: I've been seeing Dr. Mike for about 2 years and he has helped me very much. I used to have constant pain in my hip and lower back...and also my neck. I now visit once a month for maintenance, and my pain is minimal and most of the time even gone. Dr. Mike is great at advising on exercises and ways to help with minimizing pain. He takes his time and really evaluates your particular situation in a caring manner. I've been to other chiropractors where you are herded in and out like cattle, but not at Chiropractic Plus! I highly recommend and look forward to my continued relationship with them. Thanks, Dr. Mike!

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Personalized, Professional and Caring, Edna C: My first visit told me how professional and caring this office was with my pain and overall recovery. The office is very accommodating! But, most of all the staff is very knowledgeable and does a personalized treatment plan that meets the specific recovery goal for you.

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Doctor is Caring, Professional, Listens, Helpful Advice, Goals Met, Becky B: I have been seeing Dr. Mike since February and when I walked out of his office today (5/20) I was thinking about how far I had progressed since my first initial visit. He is very caring and is very professional. I really appreciate how when you go, he listens to what you have to say and even goes over ways one can be careful between visits to the point that I want to do exactly as he says. I am on the road to recovery but I know that I will continue to go see him to maintain what he has already done when between the two of us - our goal has been met.

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Back to Normal with Recommendations for Prevention, Bill McDonald: A few weeks ago, I threw out my back picking up a box. I knew of Dr Mike from a friend so I called and made an appointment. My treatment by Dr Mike has been great. I am back to normal with recommendations for exercises to prevent this from happening again. In addition, since this was the 2nd time I have had this problem, Dr Mike recommended I come back in a few months, just for a checkup. I have been to a chiropractor in the past but noone like Dr Mike. He is caring and really knows how to correct whatever problem you have. Will be going back in a few months for a checkup.

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Didn't Need Back Surgery, Kind and Professional, Sally A: I have been going to Chiropractic Plus for at least fifteen years. He has always been very kind and professional. I have avoided back surgery because of his care even when I was told it was definitely necessary. The people to whom I have recommended Dr. Mike have been very pleased.

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Sinus Pressure & Snoring Help, Thorough Care, John C: I've been seeing Dr. Mike for over a year and have been very pleased with my experience. I have always had sinus issues and snore at night. We have worked together over the past year to try different solutions and came across one that truly relieves my sinus pressure and helps me to breath easier (which my wife appreciates) while sleeping. Dr. Mike asks great questions that help you both pinpoint potential causes and possible solutions. I appreciate his thorough nature and always evolving approach.

5 star logo

Threw Out My Back Picking Up Box, Now Back to Normal with Prevention Exercises: Bill McD: A few weeks ago, I threw out my back picking up a box. I knew of Dr Mike form a friend so I called and made an appointment. My treatment by Dr Mike has been great. I am back to normal with recommendations for exercises to prevent this from happening again. In addition, since this was the 2nd time I have had this problem, Dr Mike recommended I come back in a few months, just for a checkup. I have been to a chiropractor in the past but noone like Dr Mike. He is caring and really knows how to correct whatever problem you have. Will be going back in a few months for a checkup.

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Maintenance Keeps Me Neck Pain Free & Headache Free, Renee C: I've been under Dr. Mike's care for over 10 years (referred by a relative), so I don't remember the original problem. However, if I miss one of my monthly maintenance treatments, I sure feel it (headaches, neck aches). When I do have a specific issue, Dr. Mike is very thorough in explaining how the body functions, what has gone wrong, and what needs to be done to heal it. It is difficult to imagine a time when I won't be visiting Dr. Mike on a regular basis.

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Avoided Back Surgery When I Was Told It Was Necessary, Sally A: I have been going to Chiropractic Plus for at least fifteen years. He has always been very kind and professional. I have avoided back surgery because of his care even when I was told it was definitely necessary. The people to whom I have recommended Dr. Mike have been very pleased.

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Numbness in Hands Relief, Pain Radiating Down Arms Relief, Teresa H: I had always hesitated to go to a chiropractor but the pain radiating down both arms and numbing my hands persisted for too long. I finally went to see Dr. Diane Levitt and wow, the relief! I highly recommend her as a "miracle worker". I receive great care, compassion and instant pain relief. If only I could keep her in my back pocket for emergencies.

Omar A

5 star logoPost-Surgery Low Back Pain Relief to Avoid Second Surgery, Omer A: I seldom write online reviews, but since the reviews I read about Dr. Mike are the reason why I am healthy again, I thought I should help other people as well. I wish I had met Dr. Mike 10 years ago when I had my first encounter with low back issues for which I had to undergo surgery to correct the problem. When my back problems surfaced again 6 months ago I went to a very good Chiropractor but it took her a long time to fix the issue then I had a lapse in the middle of that treatment program where the pain got unbearable and both my primary physician and the Orthopedic/Neurosurgery specialist I visited recommended surgery. I then met Dr. Mike after reading the many positive reviews about his practice and was hooked right away. He took his time to understand the problems I am going through and through a well planned adjustment sessions I was able to feel better and better until the pain is almost completely gone. Dr. Mike also gave me some valuable general advice on how to keep my body in check. I have already shared my experience with many close friends but I am sure any one who reads this review and have similar issues (disk bulge or herniation) will benefit from Dr. Mike's approach and treatment. I highly recommend Chiropractic Plus to any one in the Raleigh/Cary area.

5 star logo

Jaw Pain Completely Resolved and Best Treatments for Back and Neck, Glenn S: I have been seeing Dr Mike for 4 years and he has always provided me with the best treatments and care. He has treated me for Back and Neck flare ups over the years but his most outstanding treatment was for my right Jaw issue. He told me that after this simple treatment that I would feel 100% better the next morning ...of course I was skeptical . I woke up the next morning and my locked jaw pain had disappeared completely. I had been suffering with this for 6 months. This was about a year ago and I have not had any jaws issues since.

5 star logo

One of the Best Chiropractic Treatments I Ever Had, Dr. Kathryn Larson, R.N., D.C.I highly recommend Dr. Diane and Dr. Mike. I have an upper cervical practice in Apex, NC. I use Dr. Diane as my chiropractor. In fact, she adjusted me today, and I have to say it was one of the best treatments I ever had! Not all my patients have an upper cervical problem so I refer them to Dr Diane and Dr. Mike. I feel 100% confident in their skills as doctors and do not hesitate to recommend them. My patients have always been satisfied with their care. 

Amy H

5 star logoHad Chiropractic Care Around the World for Over 20 Years & Chiropractic Plus is the Best in Town, Amy H: I have lived and traveled all over the world and going to chiropractors for more than 20 years. As someone who has been to many chiropractors, I can say that Chiropractic Plus is the best in town. Dr. Mike has kept me on my feet and running half marathons for the past five years now. Which given my history of back pain, isn't an easy task. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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No Shoulder Surgery Thanks to Care, Neck and Back Pain Relief: Jan H: I have been a patient of Dr. Levitt and Dr. Mroczynski for over 16 years and been very satisfied with their care. Over the years I have been treated for neck and back pain as the result of an auto accident, as well as knee and shoulder pain. The doctors' great care and education has had a very positive impact on my quality of life, allowing me to be more active and even avoid shoulder surgery. I have recommended Chiropractic Plus to many of my friends and coworkers with great confidence.

Mac D.

5 star logoBack Injury Relief, Back to My Old Self and Enjoying Competitive Sports Again, Mac D: I had never been to a chiropractor or any sort of therapy prior to a (for me) fairly severe back injury at age 45. At the time I drove a lot for my job and it was becoming increasingly painful to drive any distance at all over just a few minutes. At that time I had been prescribed physical therapy and was going regularly. After I had been to physical therapy for a number of months with little improvement, I was at a loss. That's not to say that therapy isn't needed for some people, but it certainly wasn't helping me. I went to see Dr. Mike on my boss's recommendations. Dr. Mike didn't cure me in a single visit, no one could, but his skills made a noticeable improvement in both comfort and function in my first single hour visit! After a number of visits later I felt I was back to my "old self." Since my treatments with Dr. Mike I have been able to compete in cyclocross, ride 100, 150 and 200 miles on a road bike in a day. This year, at age 52, I did my first runs - a 10 mile trail run and a few 5k and 10k road events. The road is harsh, I'll be running in the woods for the trail runs! Most fortunately for me I am again able to enjoy my first love: endurance mountain biking, up to and including 50 mile and 100 mile races. I have been a big believer for seven years and continue to go regularly for adjustments to keep everything aligned and have since been able to ward off injury. Thank you for all you do!

Mark E

Long-Lasting Back Pain Relief from Chronic Pain, Mark E: My first visits to Chiropractic Plus were to relieve chronic pain in my back from long hours at the computer.  This problem had been developing over several years and it had gotten to the point where I could not sit through a one hour meeting without standing up to press my back against a door frame or wall to relieve the pain.  Relief didn't happen all at once, but it has been long-lasting thanks to the treatments, changes in work habits and modest exercises recommended by the doctors. It's been eight years and, while I still get stiff if I stay at the keyboard too long, I now know how avoid more serious issues. I highly recommend Chiropractic Plus to anyone who wants to resolve their problem with a long-term solution.


Best Chiropractic Care I Ever Had, Carpal Tunnel Relief Without Surgery, Back Pain Relief, Anna S: After going to 2 other chiropractors in the area, I finally found Dr. Diane Levitt at Chiropractic Plus- and what a plus it is! Unlike other practices that I tried where you wait 20 minutes to be treated for 2 minutes, Chiropractic Plus sees you promptly, and they book their clients enough time to really get to the root of your issue. Dr. Diane gives the best care that I have ever had, and her use of acupuncture is a fantastic compliment to their other services. My back has never felt better, and the techniques she uses have even cured my carpal tunnel syndrome in my hand without surgery. Highly recommended! 

Severe Headache Relief, Back Pain Relief, and Stress Relief, Karen SMy move to North Carolina left me with severe headaches, back pain and stress. This was compounded with multiple trips 'home' to be with my ailing Dad. Consistent treatments with Dr. Diane were incredibly helpful. Her ability to understand what your body needs along with her experienced techniques got me back on my feet. That, combined with her compassion and support, is remarkable.

Lower Back and TMJ Problems Resolved, Shoulder Strains Eradicated, Other Golfers Amazed at My Flexibility, Richard W: I have been utilizing Dr. Mike since 2008. I had a serious problem with a TMJ condition in which the symptoms were chronic jaw pain and uncomfortable bite. He was able to eradicate this medical problem and I have stabilized right up to the present time. I play golf and Dr. Mike has immediately resolved problems with my lower back as well as a severe strained muscle I suffered in the side of my back. He has eradicated shoulder strains. Other golfers are always amazed by my tremendous flexibility especially for being 68 years old which I attribute to seeing Dr. Mike once a month for maintenance purposes. Dr. Mike is the best, and I wouldn't be as healthy as I am today without his treatment.

Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain Relief, Bradley F: Chiropractic Plus is not the first chiropractic care I've had, but they'll be the last. For over 6 years now, Dr. Mike has kept my back, neck and recently my knee in great shape. My upper back & neck problems are all but gone. My lower back is a continuing work in progress! Off and on, I have to come to the office, and every time I am better when I leave than when I arrive. Dr. Mike & Dr. Diane are warm and caring, knowledgeable and professional. I work in a physically demanding, brutal job, and if it had not been for the care I've had here, I would not be able to stand up straight, let alone keep working in this job I love. Not once over the years have I had a bad experience here. If you are looking for a care provider that will be professional and caring, with a good dose of humor thrown in, you will find it here!

Qualified Doctors for My Three Herniated Discs: Cornel T: In 1997 I moved here from NYC. At that time, my back injury was ten years old. I was accustom to Chiropractic treatments 2 or 3 times a month and had a very good Doctor in New York. After several attempts, it was becoming a task, to find a good qualified Doctor. Finally, a friend suggested Chiropractic Plus, “Dr. Mike”. After the first visit and adjustment, I knew this was the guy! Dr. Mike and Dr. Diane are extremely nice, but most of all, they’re qualified Chiropractic Doctors. I have 3 herniated discs. After 15 years of treatment with Chiropractic Plus, I can truly say, “I put my daily life in Dr. Mike’s hands. Without the use of my back, I would be extremely limited to what I could do.” I sincerely appreciate the treatment and services I receive at Chiropractic Plus, it benefits my entire family.


Severe Hand Pain for a Year GoneLynn: I have experienced profound healing with Dr. Diane Levitt. Out of the blue one day I woke up with severe hand pain.  I went to my chiropractor and massage therapist for months and experienced no relief.  They suggested I see an orthopedist.  I resisted, hoping the pain would go away.  My hairdresser happened to mention her hand problems and suggested I go to Dr. Diane.  She couldn't say enough about her.  She was right. I experienced immediate relief and within weeks my hand was completely healed after a year of pain. That was almost 2 years ago.  I continue with maintenance sessions to keep my body as healthy as possible. I can't "Thank You" enough Dr. Diane. You are a compassionate and gifted miracle worker. 

Quickly Establishes What's Wrong and Helps: Darlene W: I’ve had lots of great adjustments with Dr. Mike. One Saturday morning I woke up in pain and was able to get into Dr. Mike who straightened me out. I’ve stuck with him over 10 years for the occasional back problem. What I really like is; he gives me exercises to do on my own to keep my back in good condition. I’m moving, and know I’ll have a hard time finding another Dr. Mike who can quickly establish what’s wrong and use some of his many adjustment techniques. Thank you Dr. Mike!

Good Treatments & Fewer Visits, Richard: I have been going to chiropractors for 30 years and Dr. Mike is the first one that treats me so good that I don't have to come back as often. He is a real professional, and I feel lucky to have found him. Follow the exercises that he suggests!

Migraine Headache Relief, I Can Function Again, Carolann ROne of the things I suffer from is intense migraine headaches. Pain medication makes me very sick. After seeing Dr. Mike, I am able to function again. Dr. Mike does his very best to fit me in when I call him up in pain. Thank you, Dr. Mike!


Pregnancy Nausea Relief Without Drugs, Rebecca A I am one of those lucky women that experience extreme nausea while pregnant.  My OB/Gyn put me on medication to help with the nausea and the medication did indeed help; however, I was not thrilled with putting anything in my body that could potentially harm the baby. My goal was to find a way to get off the medication and feel well enough to enjoy my pregnancy. Dr. Diane Levitt was the answer to my problems. Through acupuncture, chiropractic care and lifestyle advice I am happy to report that at 20-weeks pregnant I feel great.  Pregnancy is a very delicate and personal journey - I am happy that Dr. Diane has been a part of the journey.  I encourage any pregnant woman that is experiencing discomfort with pregnancy to seek treatment from a caring and knowledgeable person like Dr. Diane. Thank You!!

I Feel Better, Anthony M: It's great to have such experienced and thorough specialists as Dr. Mike and Dr. Diane right here in Cary! They understand the acute needs of people making corrective adjustments as well as those of us who want a solid, comprehensive long-term health and wellness program. Trust me, I feel better every time I visit! 

Back Injury Pain Relief and Wellness Care, Marianne C-B: I consider Dr. Diane Levitt to be my doctor because her chiropractic care plus skill in related areas of healing does more for me than anything conventional medicine has to offer. She has the total picture of health and how to maintain it, understanding the wisdom of the body and how best to facilitate its innate ability to heal.   Besides the very competent chiropractic techniques, she employs her knowledge of kinesiology (muscle-testing) and also Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves being able to read facial features and other personal characteristics for evaluating health.  All of this enables her to truly individualize the treatment.  Her skill in muscle testing aids her in evaluating where your body needs adjustment and how to focus her chiropractic care. Dr. Diane has helped me with the lingering effects of past back injuries, and very importantly, she has been helping me make the connection between incorrect ways of moving and the potential for re-injury.  With this essential focus on prevention, we've worked on proper posture and movement for daily activities such as sitting, standing, lifting, etc. I find that a monthly tune-up with Dr. Diane is an essential part of staying healthy.  And I also appreciate her many holistic suggestions for maintaining my health-- whether it's better breathing, deciding which supplements to take, or where to find the best Tai Chi class, she has a wealth of wisdom and information to offer in addition to her healing treatments. 

Keeps Me an Active Senior, Nancy H:  Having been in a health profession for 30 years, I believe very strongly in preventive health care. The care I receive at Chiropractic Plus is both treatment and preventive in nature, and I would not hesitate to recommend it. I firmly believe that the care I have received has kept me a healthy and active senior adult.  

Chronic Pain Help, Charmaine S: Dr. Mike Mroczynski is the best! I tried several chiropractors before him and now I'll never go back to any of them... when you've got the best who needs the rest! Really, he alleviates my pain each and every time I come to him for a visit. He's fantastic. I highly recommend him!

Jaw Pain Relief, Neck Pain Relief, Back Pain Relief, Pregnancy Wellness Care, Jennifer H: Before I moved to this area, I had been seeing a chiropractor for chronic jaw, neck and back pains and problems I suffered with for over twenty years. I dreaded the thought of finding a new chiropractor that I could trust and who could help me. Dr. Diane Levitt was the 3rd chiropractor I tried and, as they say, the third time's the charm. Dr. Diane has helped me so much! And, her care during my pregnancy made all the difference to me, and, I believe to my even-tempered and healthy son. She is as wonderful a person as she is a talented chiropractor. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Hand Numbness Relief, Back Pain Relief, Leg Pain Relief, Ron F: I had never been to a chiropractor before Dr. Mike, but had back pain for years which eventually worked down into my lower left leg. A friend, who is a retired osteopath, performed some adjustments to my back suggested that I seek a chiropractor for further help. Since being treated by Dr. Mike, the lower leg pain has not come back. I subsequently had numbness in my left hand and Dr. Mike's treatment has relieved that, too. I had heard good and bad about chiropractic medicine before coming the first time, but my experience has been very positive.

Best Chiropractors in TownSylvia P:I have been going to Chiropractic Plus for over 3 years. I have to say they are the best chiropractors in town! They not only listen to your complaints, but also look for the root cause, have unique tests to pinpoint where the problem is coming from and work hard to keep you out of surgery. Once your immediate symptoms and pain are under control, I recommend going on the maintenance plan to keep them from coming back! Life, bad habits, and poor working conditions all contribute to stress out your body, it's good to get a chiropractic tune-up.

Regained Strength, Danielle S: Dr. Diane and Dr. Mike have helped me regain strength in my back and neck through therapy and lifestyle changes.  I have and will continue to recommend Chiropractic Plus.

Cathy W

Chronic Back Pain Relief, Hip Pain Relief, Knee Pain Relief, and Auto Accident Injury Relief, Cathy W: Before receiving treatment at Chiropractic Plus, I had seen many specialists for my back, knees and hips. I had been in pain for at least 7 years with a burst disc and had taken several falls which made walking very painful because of the weakness and pain in my knees. When I met with Dr. Mike, I was pleased to find he was willing to patiently listen to my treatment history, my concerns, my physical health and my fear of "having hope" in another treatment. He gave me several options for treatment, explained each of them in detail, and answered all my questions thoroughly. I also appreciated his respect of my primary care physician's instructions regarding my health. After receiving treatment from Dr. Mike, I have now been able to work in retail sales and attend Culinary School free from daily pain. In 2009 I was in a rear end collusion which resulted in soft tissue damage in my neck. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Mike for treatment. All my pain from the accident is gone after following his treatment plan. I have referred many friends and family to Chiropractic Plus and will continue to do so.

Shoulder Pain Relief, Back Pain Relief, Karen: My experience has been wonderful. Dr. Mike has been able to relieve my back and shoulder pain. My visits with him are the most relaxing and stress free times of my week.

Help and Concern, Jane: Dr. Levitt, I thought I'd take the opportunity to thank you once again for your help and concern over the last few months. We've encountered many health care professionals in Madison, Chicago, Baltimore, Italy, etc., etc., and you are one of very few whose sensitivity extends beyond the particular ailment to the patient herself. 

Effective Treatment, Teresa O: Dr. Mike is a true holistic practitioner who understands the body. His chiropractic care is gently but very effective, and his advice on all matters relating to the body - diet, sleep, exercise, injuries - have helped tremendously. Dr. Mike has the Midas touch!

Neck Pain Relief, Back Pain Relief, Shoulder Pain Relief, Stephanie O'K: I have been a patient of Dr. Mike's for a year and I have seen many chiropractors over the years. He is the best chiropractor I have seen in that I have immediate relief from neck, back and shoulder pain after leaving his office.  In addition, he has taught me several tips that have given me relief of aggravating symptoms. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor.  In addition, he is available which is a huge plus for me as my work travel schedule is sporadic and I appreciate the flexibility.

Neck Pain Relief, Joe F: I had been having neck pain for over a year. When I finally went to Dr. Mike, his treatment improved me immediately to an extent, after several months, I felt as if I was cured.

Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief and Neck Pain Relief, Improved Health, Christine: I have experienced a marked improvement in my general health in addition to the alleviation of chronic lower back and neck discomfort. I have a very active (and large) four-year-old and the course of treatment has helped tremendously, enabling me to care for and play with him.

Good Treatments and Fewer Visits, Richard: I have been going to chiropractors for 30 years and Dr. Mike is the first one that treats me so good that I don't have to come back as often. He is a real professional, and I feel lucky to have found him. Follow the exercises that he suggests!

Neck and Back Problems Eased & Learned So Much, Kim: I have learned so much from my visits at Chiropractic Plus. Every visit has been a pleasure - and my neck and back problems have been considerably eased! Thanks!

Headaches Decreased and Backaches Rare, Janet: When I came to Dr. Mike initially, I was plagued with daily headaches and backaches. After 3 months my headaches have dramatically decreased and backaches are very rare! I also invested in the arch supports and I have to say it's been one of the best investments of my life! My back and legs are stronger and pain free. Dr. Mike is a very caring person, and I know that my health is very much a concern to him. I know that he gets much satisfaction when the treatment he performs work out, and I feel better.

Car Accident Injury Relief, Patti: I have headaches that are the result of neck and shoulder injuries from a car accident over 30 years ago. With treatment from Dr. Mike Mroczynski, my headaches, shoulder and neck pain are minimized allowing me to function to the best of my abilities.

Intense Headaches Infrequent Now , Brenda: Before coming, I was having headaches just behind my ear. It was intense and I was having difficulty doing my everyday tasks at work. Since coming to Dr. Mike, my headaches are not as frequent as they were.

Neck Tension and Pain Relieved, Pat: Very relaxing treatments. I have neck issues and treatments always relieve the tension and pain.

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