Dr. Michael Mroczynski

Dr. Michael Mroczynski

I enjoy helping and am a  teacher at heart. Patients get pain relief, and if interested, learn ways to take care of themselves. Before becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, I was a Special Education teacher for behaviorally challenged children in the elementary and secondary schools in Wisconsin, where I was born and raised.

 It occurred to me that natural health care could further help these children, and I discovered chiropractors were doing just that! My career goals then changed, and for thirty years now I've seen over and again remarkable improvement in the health of adults and children using the 'whole person approach' with chiropractic at its core. Nutrition and exercise have been a special interest of mine, and I have found them to be a perfect complement to care when used.

Call or e-mail me because I'd love to schedule a Lecture, Workshop, or Screening Examination for your small or large group. If your group has a special interest, let me know and I bet I can share something valuable. 

At Chiropractic Plus we look for the underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time), make individualized treatment choices, and recommend lifestyle adjustments to help you. Using these unique approaches, we can help you with pain relief to accelerate or maintain your journey to good health - and we look forward to doing just that!

I'd be pleased to meet you and see if you could benefit from our services. Call for a personal complimentary consultation appointment with me (and feel free to call me 'Dr. Mike'!)., 


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